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North Country Charcuterie – Fermented Meats….?!

North Country Salamis & ChorizoDid you know that salami is actually a fermented, air dried sausage? Sounds strange, but it’s true – and North Country Charcuterie is one of a handful of Ohio companies that are experimenting with this timeless method of curing and preserving meat. During the fermentation process, which occurs in a climate controlled chamber, the meat naturally develops lactic acid and can also be misted with additional good bacteria and yeast, which aids in preserving the meat and imparting the classic tang associated with a properly cured salami.  Different cultures yield different results, and make all the difference between a successful and a failed curing process. Over at North Country, the family owned company prides themselves on their mastery of this craft and uses their skill on only the finest heritage breed pork from local farms. Additionally, they like to get creative with their recipes and source 95% of these additional ingredients from Ohio makers, including craft beer, cheese, wine, herbs, and spices. Meet the family and sample their salamis, chorizo, guanciale and pancetta at our crate-to-table event here …!


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