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Storehouse Tea – Discover the world of tea, right here in Cleveland!

Green Tea Blends - Storehouse TeaWe are proud to feature a variety of Storehouse Teas in our 2016 Summer Crate! To quote owners Dan and Paula Hershman, “Storehouse Teas are FRESH, small batch hand blended organic and fair trade garden direct whole leaf artisan teas. We acquire only the finest organic teas and ingredients both locally and internationally within the season they are picked. At Storehouse Tea we know our teas and ingredients have not been sitting in some warehouse for months getting stale. We know exactly where it comes from, how it was grown and when it was picked because we always strive to source and use only the freshest spring or fall crop available. Fresh food is always better and tea is no exception, which is why we say “fresh is best”. Fresh organic loose leaf tea contains the optimal flavor, nutrient and antioxidant potency you expect out of a high quality organic tea.”

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