Handmade. Laser Engraved. And UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Welcome to my studio!

Distinct Lee is a woodworking and laser studio from Ohio which specializes in building  “distinct”, laser-engraved coasters, trays, signs, and more. I also offer wholesale laser services to artists and small businesses – anything from engraving a ten foot long bar-top to cutting 1,000 intricate pieces of vinyl, if you want to make it, I can help you do it!

Right now  I am also “under construction” as I  undergo a rebranding and relaunch to finish the transition from the gift box company that I originally founded here in 2015, to the wood and laser studio that I’ve since become. I will be releasing a new business name and website in February 2020 to reflect this change and then building up my new product line in the public eye over the course of the next year.  The new business will reflect more of my personal style and design, which is mainly inspired by my industrial midwest background, and manifests with an eye towards grittiness, contrast, and Henry Ford production methods.

As for the products I make, I only use lumber which has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This means that ALL the wood I use comes from forests which are managed to meet social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations…..ensuring that each item I make not only looks (and feels!) great on the outside, but makes you feel great on the inside, too.

Since each of my products can be laser engraved with something personal, whether you design your own project or choose one designed by me, no matter the occasion, you can rely on a gift from Distinct Lee to impress!

Want to know more? Email me at danielle@distinctlee.com or call 216-815-5882.

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